I don't have a Venipedia account yet

Once you have purchased a Rolling Venice from Venezia Unica, you are given a code to download your copy. To do this, you need to create a Venipedia account and enter the code given to you by Venezia Unica in the yellow "Codex" box.

You will then have access to your personal area, where you can download your copy of Rolling Venice (up to 5 downloads) for as long as it is valid (1 year). Once it has expired or you have reached 5 downloads, you will no longer be able to download copies of Rolling Venice.

In the details of your order - accessible via the "Orders" menu - you will find both the expiry date and the button for downloading the Rolling Venice.

As long as your Rolling is active, you can also easily download it from the 'Downloads' menu.

I already have a Venipedia account

If you have already activated one, you can enter the code to download your copy of Rolling Venice directly in the dedicated section, also accessible via the 'Codex' button in your personal area.